Wild men, Rise up:

As a man, there’s a wildness to being compassionate. There’s a piece in my heart that’s stirred when I see those who are hurting. It’s in our DNA to protect the smaller, weaker, most vulnerable. There’s a fire that burns within us, determined to act. We’re provoked by the brokenness of this world and driven by compassion to make a change. It’s what shakes us free of our passivity that wants to keep us silent and purposeless. It’s ingrained in who God created us to be, to stand up and sound the alarm against injustice.

Being a father, I would do anything for my son. If there was an injustice done to him, you would very clearly hear my roar. I would rise up. It would activate the wild man inside of me. We are wired this way. To DO SOMETHING to make change when we see the suffering of the poor, the orphan, the widow.

When looking back on my own story, I see how crucial it was for me to have Godly men to help me grow into the man I am today. In each season of life, “papas” stepped in to call forth the wild man inside of me. They called me out of excuses, passivity and insecurity and into identity, calling and destiny. I would not be where I am today without the push from these men.

When we think of compassion and mercy we often think of people like Mother Theresa and other powerful women throughout history.

But I also look to the men. The men who burned with the Father’s love. The men whose compassion and mercy drove them to action. Francis of Assisi. George Müller. Martin Luther King Jr. The heart of God was activated in them so radically that they gave their lives for the sake of others. My heart’s cry is that we would see a generation of men rise up again. To stand in the place of the absent, neglectful, abusive fathers. To share the Father’s heart with those who have never known the love or affirmation of a father. Would you allow God to grip your heart with a burning compassion? This world needs fathers. It needs warriors. It needs the wild men to rise up. It needs YOU!

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