A World Full of Distractions

Our world is filled with distractions. When we wake up we hear the ding of a text message or the notification of a recent follower on Instagram. We don’t even bother to think about the God who gave us breath in our lungs. In this generation more than ever it’s too easy to forget about God and push Him to the side as we live our lives. We are a generation full of distractions at the touch of a screen or the busyness of every day life.

Have you every thought about how distracted we are? Our generation is the most connected through social media and technology. Yet, we can be the most disconnected to God and Holy Spirit because of major distractions.

God wants all of our attention, not just a portion of it

You shall have no other gods before me. || Exodus 20:3

One of the commandments mentioned is the Old Testament is putting no other gods above the one true God. A lot of us read this and don’t think twice. However, if we look at our world today there are a lot of other gods we could worship. Celebrities, social media, likes and followers, traveling, money, and so much more. It’s so easy to be distracted in this world. It’s so simple to have our attention divided.

God is calling us to something higher. Something that is challenging. It takes intentionality, hunger, and pursuit. He is calling us to Himself. Not just part of us, but all of our hearts. No more distractions or gods above Him. We can mistake gods for other religious gods, but God is speaking about so many different types of gods in this passage. He knows that cultures change and gods come and go. In this generation, it could be technology, the need for validation, or going viral on TikTok or YouTube. Do we really crave the presence of God above all else? Would we rather watch YouTube videos or be in His Word? Would we rather scroll on Instagram or take time to talk to Him?

Distractions don’t seem like a big deal until we realize how much they steal our attention from our Father

For the longest time, I didn’t think social media or technology was a big deal. Sure, I spent quite a few hours on it weekly, but it wasn’t affecting me. Up until the last few months, I was constantly distracted. One day I looked back at and wondered what I was doing. Why did I feel so distant from God? What happened to those intimate moments with Him? Why didn’t I feel burdened to share the good news or worship Him daily?

In that place He spoke to me. He reminded me of all the times I’d chosen distractions above Him. The countless times I’d picked up my phone instead of my Bible in the mornings. The endless amount of hours spent watching YouTube or Netflix over speaking with Him. It wasn’t Him who had grown distant, it was me who had chosen other gods above my Creator.

Many times we brush off distractions. We make excuses instead of feeling the conviction from Holy Spirit. We say we need to relax, so we watch Netflix or scroll on Instagram. Social media and technology aren’t bad, but we have to use extreme caution when using them so that we don’t become overly distracted. Let’s fight to have our attention fully focused on Jesus. Let’s make daily choices of abiding in Him rather than indulging in distractions. 

When we are distracted, we lose the kingdom mindset 

Have you ever been in class and heard your name before? Imagine trying to work on homework in class while you keep hearing your name being called or brought up in conversation around the room. It would be nearly impossible to get anything done. This is just like our relationship with God. When we are constantly distracted, we can’t focus on Him and the great commission. We can’t focus on the kingdom. I’ve noticed in my own life that it’s too easy to get into a rhythm of being distracted and unaware of what God is doing around me. What if He wants me to speak to the girl in the line in front of me instead of going on my phone? What if He wants me to read my Bible and hear Him speak instead of watching Netflix for the fifth time this week? 

If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. || Galatians 5:25

As disciples of Jesus, we are meant to walk by the Spirit. Walking by the Spirit looks like constantly being in tune with God’s voice. But how can we be in step with the Spirit if we are constantly pulled in multiple directions by other distractions? Like stated before, we must fight against distraction. We must hunger after God. 

Hunger for God starts with intercession and worship

The opposite of being distracted is having a deep hunger to know God more and see His kingdom on Earth. A hunger to know Him more starts with asking Him for it. We can’t strive to be hungry for Him. We must depend on His Spirit to give us a deep craving for more of Jesus. When we spend time with Him, we start falling in love with Him all over again. When we are constantly worshipping Him, we are reminding ourselves of who God is and how good He is in our lives. 

Instead of being distracted, we must seek to be hungry for God and His kingdom. Are you hungry to know Him more? Do you crave a deeper connection with Him? Come experience God in radical ways in Los Angeles. Apply for a DTS today!

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