Finding God in the Chaos

Our current world is in chaos. We are gripped with fear about a virus, running out of food, and the unknown. It would be easy to blend in and panic like everyone else. We could run away and shut ourselves in while the outside world suffers from anxiety, loneliness, and fear. Yet, God is calling us to be His hands and feet. He is reminding us that He is still on the throne and we don’t have to choose fear. He’s asking us to choose trust.

Trust isn’t based on circumstances. 

It’s funny that we think trusting God is easy. Sure, it can be easy to trust Him when everything is going well. However, what if the whole world is turning to fear and anxiety? What if we feel the panic right when we exit our doors? Does God really know what He’s doing in the midst of this virus? It’s hard to believe He has things under control when cities and countries continue going on lockdown. 

Though, this is what He is calling us to. In the midst of a world racked with fear, we are called to trust our Creator. Oftentimes, men and women in the Bible had to trust God regardless of circumstances surrounding them. Sarah was told she would have a baby at the old age of 90. Noah built an ark for a seemingly impossible flood that would wipe out his people. Gideon was told by God to bring only 300 men to fight against the people of Midian who had about 135,000 soldiers. Daniel was thrown in a lion’s den while trusting that God would protect him.

If we look at these situations, we’d think these people are crazy. After thinking about it, we can see how much these people trusted the God they served. Even if the circumstances seemed impossible, they reminded themselves of the God they call Father. They realized that they couldn’t trust anything else other than Him. This is what God is calling us to do. He is leading us to unknown waters where we will fully trust and depend upon Him.

Who are we seeking in this time? 

As I think about the Coronavirus, I’m reminded of the passage when Jesus leaves the tomb and encounters Mary.

Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?” || John 20:15

When I read this passage, my mind immediately connected it to our world. Right now our world is scrambling for something to hold onto. We are grappling for something that is secure and safe. Many are finding temporary comfort and safety in the government, medical help, family members, and more. But in the end, our only hope is Jesus. He is the only one we should be seeking in the middle of so many opinions and concerns. In the end, He is the answer to our need for security, health, and safety. He is our safe place.

Who are we seeking during this virus? Are we seeking human wisdom or Godly discernment? Are we constantly going back to our Father for safety? We need to be on our knees more than ever. Together, let’s fight to keep our attention fully focused on Him. Together, let’s seek His face.

God is in control even if it doesn’t feel like it

It may feel like the world is falling apart, but God is still on the throne. He knew this was coming. He isn’t concerned, frightened, or confused. Our Father is still in control of our world. He is still King over all humanity. It’s easy to forget that He’s the one who created us. He is the one who sets everything in motion, provides food for us, and even gives us the breath in our lungs. Why do we doubt if He is the one who formed us from dust? 

Think of the countless times He has been faithful in the past. What about that time He provided finances for you to fix your car? Or that moment He spoke to you so clearly about your calling? What about the fact that you are still alive and breathing? His character is constant. He was and always will be faithful and in control. Even when the Israelites walked through the wilderness for countless years, God was with them. He was in control and eventually did lead them to the promised land. In this time, remember who your Father is. He is in control. 

When you fear, turn to prayer, worship, and unity

As we are told to isolate and take time to heal, remember to spend constant time in prayer and unity. It would be easy to self isolate and be lonely. However, this is an incredible chance to dive deeper with God. It’s a time to lean on Him even if the future is unknown. If you feel fear starting to rise, turn to intercession and worship. Take time to remind your soul of the God you serve. 

It’s in a place of worship where God can continually speak truth and peace to us. In the past, I’ve constantly had to cling to God in worship. When I take time to spend with Him, I’m reminded of who He is and immediately forget my anxious thoughts. All of my questions are answered when I remember His faithfulness and goodness. If you are confined to your home, take time to be with Him. Let His presence heal you, refresh you, and remind you of who He is.

Instead of running away, be Jesus’ hands and feet

When I think of Jesus, I see someone who went to the darkest, dirtiest places to bring healing and transformation. He calls us to do the same. During this virus, we can be tempted to shut others out, keep ourselves safe, and stay away from the darkness. Yet, what if God is asking us to push into His presence and bring His light to His children? What if He wants to spark revival through this interesting time? God is asking us to walk with Him and serve His people. It will look different for everyone. Maybe it will look like calling friends and offering prayer or going to a local shelter and serving food to those without homes. Or He could tell you to bring food to the elderly or giving food to a single mother who has mouths to feed. 

We need to rise up as the church. God is calling His disciples to rally around the world. We need to be a people of peace, set apart with grace and love. So many people in this world are looking out for themselves alone, but what if we stood out? We can choose to put others above ourselves. It won’t make sense and it will feel terrifying. Use discernment in who you reach out to in this time. The virus is easily spread, so use extra wisdom when choosing how to be Jesus’ hands and feet. Some may not be able to do anything other than pray, but it is still being a part in bringing God’s light to darkness. Ask Him how to reach your local community. We need to be a reflection of Jesus to humanity in some capacity. What is He asking us to do? 

Take a few minutes to pray today for our world. Ask God what He wants you to do during the virus. He wants to use you for His glory! Together, we can be a people who put our trust in God. We can be the church who offers a safe place for millions of lives. What will we do to be Jesus’ hands and feet?

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