I’ve always been a dreamer. My mind is constantly filled to the brim with new ideas that seem impossible and out of reach. Each day I brainstorm different possibilities, future plans, or creative projects. It’s fun to dream, but what if God tells me to actually act on them? I hear Him asking me to take a step as I stand on the shore in fear. I ask Him, “What if I do something wrong?” and He replies, “What if you do it with me and it turns into something beautiful?” That’s when I slowly take a step forward and my heart jumps in faith for what is to come.

2020 was a year of disappointment and broken dreams.

Are there dreams God has placed on your heart? Recently, I’ve been reflecting a lot on dreaming. 2020 was a year I thought many things would happen, but it didn’t. Coming into this year, I felt anxious. What if this year is just like the last? Disappointments and broken dreams. Yet, I feel God speaking to me in the midst of my disappointment. Last year He had to let the dreams die to show me that He is the ultimate prize . . . not these dreams on my heart.

I had to feel the disappointment before I could start to dream again. I had to find a place of contentment and satisfaction in the middle of my long forgotten dreams and left behind desires. I had to find the One who had given me these dreams from the very beginning. I had to find God in the midst of my God given dreams.

I’ve found that it’s extremely easy to forget the God who gave us the dream in the first place. Once we see the idea, we take it for ourselves and leave God out of the picture. This is exactly what happened to Solomon. In the books he writes, we find that Solomon was given what he asked for: wisdom. When he received wisdom, he abandoned the One who gave it to him. This is when he begins to feel hopeless, disappointed, and angry at the life he lives. What if all God wanted was for Solomon to invite Him into this dream? Imagine the things Solomon could’ve done with the gift of wisdom if he had done it with God instead of on his own.

This is why 2020 was the way it was for me. A year of splintered dreams. A year where God had to take me back to my First Love. He had to bring me through the process of letting go of my dreams before He could do anything else.

In 2021, let’s choose to let God into our dreams and see what happens.

This year is a time of inviting God into my dreams. It’s a year of simply pursuing Him rather than the dreams. I’d much rather look back on my life and find that I got to know God as a friend, instead of looking back on my life and seeing all the empty accomplishments I made while not even knowing the One who gave me breath in my lungs.

Last year I let go of my dreams. This year it’s time to hold them loosely while abiding with Jesus. I’ve found that it comes down to the heart. That is what God is always looking at. Are we dreaming with an open heart? A heart surrendered to God. A heart willing to lay down our own dreams or ideas in order to hear what God is speaking. A heart completely in awe of Jesus. A heart at rest instead of a heart striving to make things happen. A heart whose only cry is to please the One who makes it beat. A heart that longs to live for God over human praise.

In 2020, God caused me to check my heart and I’m so glad He did. If I had tried to make those dreams happen last year, it would’ve been out of a place of gaining human approval. It would’ve come from a place of wanting the glory for myself. It would’ve been a lot of striving and working on my own. It wouldn’t have involved God very much.

In 2021, I’m choosing to invite God into the picture. I’m letting Him hold my dreams and seeing what will happen. No more striving. No more doing it for other people’s approval. No more receiving the glory because if these dreams take place, it’s going to have to be God coming through. It’s a beautiful process of letting go and living in the here and now.

Inviting God into every dream creates a life of rest and trust in our Creator

As we give our dreams to God, it allows us to live in the present moment rather than worrying about accomplishing our dreams. We no longer worry about what’s next because we are simply following our Father’s steps and listening to His voice.

I’ve been putting this into practice and it’s extremely refreshing. I used to worry about my future a lot. I’d wonder what’s next, if I’m missing out on something, or if there was more I could be doing. But now I’m completely confident in where I’m at and what I’m doing because I’m living in obedience to God. I’m utterly dependent on God speaking about my dreams, so until He says something I will just cultivate what He’s placed in front of me.

It reminds me of the book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon speaks about the vanity of this life. This is someone who has it all: women, money, and knowledge. What else could you want? However, he still states it’s all pointless. It doesn’t fulfill him. The only conclusion he comes to is that these things he has were given to him by God and he is meant to enjoy it. He’s meant to enjoy the wealth God has given him. He’s meant to enjoy the love he’s found through relationships. He’s meant to continue to grow in knowledge and find joy in learning. That’s all God wants for Solomon. To enjoy his life and enjoy being in the presence of God.

What if we were to do that? Enjoy the life in front of us and trust God with our dreams. Trust that He will speak to us about our dreams when the time is right, but until then just enjoy the present moment.

Are you enjoying your life or are you constantly looking for what’s next? Until you start to find joy in the simple moments and in the simplicity of being in God’s presence, you won’t be able to dream with the correct heart posture. This year, let’s just choose to live in the moment and trust God with the rest.

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