Before I came for my DTS, I had a feeling I would be in Los Angeles for longer than just those few months. When I touched down in LA, it felt like I was always meant to be there. It felt like home. I didn’t see it at the time, but now I know I felt this way because God was calling me to commit to this place. Not just for a little time, but for a few years. He was asking me to make this place my home. Make this city my mission. Make these people my family.

DTS was only the beginning of my journey with God.

I remember coming to LA for my DTS and being a completely different person. I was unsure of myself, questioning my purpose, wondering if God really loved me, and very unaware of what was to come.

After only a few short months, my life changed. I was beginning to see myself as God’s beloved daughter. Chosen and secure. I began to understand God’s voice and follow it in ever step. I grew in passion for justice and for the lost. My heart burned to be obedient to God’s call, whatever that was.

So, when I felt Him calling me to stay at YWAM LA and join staff, I couldn’t deny it was Him. But, I took my time being obedient.

I had to say no to other options in order to say yes to staffing at YWAM LA.

When I felt God telling me to staff, I was scared out of my mind. I had a feeling before coming to do my DTS that I would be staffing at YWAM LA. But now that it was actually happening, I didn’t want to do it.

I began to think about all the things I would be missing out on. College, a normal job, experiencing life as an adult in the world, and much more. What if there was something better out there for me? What if I missed out on something else while I staffed at YWAM LA?

As these questions and worries filled my mind, I knew deep down that YWAM LA was the right choice. It was God’s best for me. Yes, I could do the other things. I could have a college experience or have my own job outside in the “real” world. But what if this thing God is calling me to do is the best thing I can do? Sure I might have to say no to a lot of other things, but this is the best yes I could say.

Almost two years later, and I can say this is the best thing I’ve chosen to and still say yes to.

When I took the jump and said yes almost two years ago, I wasn’t ready for what was ahead. After a little worrying, I said yes to God and didn’t look back. I jumped and only prayed my feet would land on solid ground.

Here I am, two years down the road, and I’m now running on that solid ground. Running into God sized dreams, running into faith, running into my Father’s arms every day.

Staffing at YWAM LA has been an extraordinary journey. It is not one for the faint of heart. It’s for the dreamers. For the pioneers. For the fire starters. For the devoted. It’s for anyone who is willing to say yes and not look back.

If you’d like to apply for staff, we’d love to have you join our community. Click here to apply today!

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