4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your DTS

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your DTS

Every day in your DTS (discipleship training school) there are countless opportunities for growth and deepening in your relationship with God. However for every good opportunity you get, there are about five excuses to not fully press into what God is doing. So here are four tips on how to get the most out of your DTS.

  1. Don’t Hold Tight To Your Expectations

As the beginning of DTS draws closer your excitement and expectations for this adventure will build. Many of you have probably heard thrilling stories from others and the adventures they’ve been on, the weird foods they’ve eaten, and the crazy ways God’s shown up. You start to form an idea in your mind of what your DTS journey will look like; the things God will have you work on/through, the exciting memories, as well as what you’ll be like at the end. Now you should expect that God is going to show up and do crazy amazing things.  If you let Him, God will completely transform your life in all the best ways. This may require that you let go of your own ideas and be open to what He wants to do. If you allow God the space to do that, I promise you’ll never be the same… and it’ll be so worth it.

2. Give God Your Six Months

So you’ve said yes! Whatever your story whatever the reason, you have said yes to come do a DTS. It will be six of the most amazingly transformative and adventure filled months of your life. To get the most out of this experience my biggest plea is that you fully give this time to God. Six months seems like a lifetime when you’re trying to make those big life decisions but it really does fly by. This time is for you and God to deepen your relationship. There will be a million different distractions to keep you from getting everything out of these six months but I encourage you to keep your focus on God and what He is doing. A common thing people wished they would’ve done differently was being more intentional in their time with God and not letting a fear of missing out, and other relationships to keep them from Him. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have relationships with your classmates, talk to family and friends back home, or go do fun things (please do all those things), but God should come before all else.

3. Be Honest With Where You’re At

Once you arrive, something you’ll inevitably begin to notice is that a lot of your school is different than you are. Their stories are different, their up bringing, life experiences, and their walk with God are different from yours. Its perfectly normal to be in different places in life. You may be coming straight out of high school or college; some of you may be seasoned travelers while others have never stepped foot on a plane. Whatever the differences may be, the biggest thing to remember is that the best place to be is right where you are. God has unique and specific things He wants to do in you each season. Where you are is beautiful and no matter how challenging or easy it is God has you there for a reason. The biggest thing to help your growth in DTS is DO NOT COMPARE! Do not compare your season to anyone else. Your walk with God is different and unique to only you. When you begin to look at other peoples journeys and compare, it not only takes the focus off your own growth but comparison always brings death. Life is not a race it is a marathon and staying in your own lane is the biggest way to make it to the end of life more free and alive than when you began.

4. Finish Well!

This is something we talk about a lot in our schools. It’s going to be very personal to you and something you should be talking to God about during your DTS. What does it look like for you to finish your Lecture and Outreach phase well? For me it looked like not checking out when I got tired but instead making sure to be present and carving out more time to rest. Finishing well will look different for every person but I encourage you as you get towards the end of your lecture and outreach phases, pray and ask God how you can finish well.

DTS is an incredible experience that will leave you wrecked for the ordinary. As you begin this memorable journey into a deeper relationship with God, I encourage you to incorporate these four tips to get the most out of your DTS.


Written by Autumn Phillips