5 Reasons To Take A Gap Year

5 Reasons To Take A Gap Year

Gap-years are becoming more and more sought after, for various kinds of reasons. A chance to rest, grow, experience, travel, and figure out life. We believe a DTS (Discipleship Training School) is a perfect fit for young Christians looking to take a gap-year. A DTS is a 6 month program that is divided into two sections: a Lecture Phase, and an Outreach Phase. Both are three months long, and provide a variety of opportunities. Here are five reasons why DTS is a perfect fit:

Personal Growth

A DTS is a great opportunity to pursue personal growth. You’ll stretch your understanding of God, and challenge yourself as you look inward at your life. You’ll broaden your scope with a variety of lecture topics including hearing God’s voice, character and nature of God, Father heart of God, relationships, and identity in Christ. One of the big areas of development and encouragement comes from one-on-ones with your school staff. They will walk with you and help process all the different experiences throughout the DTS.

Slow Down

We live in a world where we’re constantly on the move. Take a break from a fast paced life and a enjoy a season where you are able to be intentional with your time. DTS will give you time to enjoy yourself without stressing about what’s next. College and a career will always be there after a DTS. Savor the time where you can pursue a deeper relationship with your Creator, and a season where you get to hang out with peers from all over the world. DTS is a great place to just simply be.


A DTS gives you an incredible opportunity to travel. The world is such a beautiful place, full of all different types of people and cultures. Experience the world through a new set of eyes, where you submerge yourself in the cultures you’re partnering with. It’s a great chance to focus on the diversity of the people, and the various ways they portray God and His creation. You get to share life with these people, eat what they eat, do what they do, and see what they see. It’s a far more satisfying way to travel than just to see the sights. Travel to the far corners of the world that outside of YWAM you would have never expected to go.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

DTS offers the opportunity to help others in new ways. Spending time reaching out to others is one of the most life-giving practices to be a part of. Too much of our time is spent self-centered. In a world where the focus is gathered around the idea of “What is most beneficial to me,” you can spend some time changing others’ lives. One of the best ways to feel purpose and satisfaction is to put time and effort into other people.


A DTS comes with numerous experiences. Ranging from unique encounters with God, transforming your walk with God, seeing different parts of the world, joining Jesus in the healing of others both physically and mentally, and meeting some of the best friends of your life. We treasure community in YWAM, and we believe that’s one of the most important experiences of a DTS. Community is supposed to be the foundation, and pipeline to life as a Christian. You and your fellow students will grow tremendously alongside one another, this will create a natural bond that will result in lifelong friendships.

A gap-year provides the opportunities that a university or a career can’t. If you’re looking to take this break from the way society suggests to live, a DTS fits splendidly. Come step into this journey, and take the chance to experience things while you have the time!

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