5 Tips For Fundraising For Your DTS

5 Tips For Fundraising For Your DTS

One of the biggest reasons people tend to shy away from doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School) is because of the money. Most people do DTS right out of high-school or college and generally speaking don’t have a ton of money. We know that money is never anything that scares God but it does tend to scare us! Our heart is to give you some helpful tips for you to start raising funds for your DTS.

Talk to people

Talking to people face to face is the most effective way to get them to donate to you. When someone can see the passion and excitement in your eyes for what you’re about to do they can become excited as well. If they can see and hear why you want to do a DTS and what you hope to get out of it, then it will help them feel more involved in this journey you’re about to embark on. The second best option if people aren’t available to talk face to face is to call them and explain over the phone what you’re doing. When asking for money tell people the full amount you need to raise (lecture and outreach). The numbers can seem intimidating but it gets confusing if you’re just asking for each amount that is due at the present moment.

Ask Everyone

Sometimes we get to caught up in trying to figure out who is most likely to give to us; scratch that and just ask everyone. A lot of times the people who end up donating the most to you, are the ones you thought were least likely to donate at all. Most people don’t get offended by your asking and the worst they’ll say is no. So pray and ask God to show you the people you may have forgotten to ask or are avoiding out of fear and go ask them. Pick up the phone and call your grandparents or that friend you haven’t seen in a couple years and see what God does. God is the giver of all money so even if you feel like people don’t have enough to give you, still ask them. Giving is a blessing and you don’t want to rob people of their blessing.

Make a YouCaring/Gofundme account

One mistake people make with a YouCaring or Gofundme account is not sharing them on social media enough. You will feel like you’re being obnoxious but trust me, blow up peoples feed. A lot of people may not look at your page right away and the more they see it the more opportunities they have to read about what you’re doing and give towards you. Also when people see your determined commitment to raising your full amount, they tend to take you more serious. Passionate determined individuals are the ones people want to get behind. Share you page on social media everyday (maybe even multiple times a day) and every time someone donates to you post a thank you along with how much you still need.

Know That You Are Worth Supporting

What you are doing is important, to have a generation that knows God and is able to make Him known in the nations is a powerful thing. When you are asking people for money, know that they are partnering with what God is doing in you and through you. When you go to ask someone to donate to you go with the confidence that what you are doing is amazing and worth supporting. If you’re unsure about the importance and value of a DTS, they will be too.

Involve God

These next few months are all about you and God. He has called you away for a time to grow and experience Him in a new way. God does not call you to things and then leave you to figure out the bill alone. He is along for the ride because life is a journey. So before you do anything pray and ask God to be present in every moment of your fundraising; then watch Him show up in crazy ways!

I hope that through this you gain new passion and excitement for fundraising. DTS is an incredibly life changing experience and fundraising is just the beginning of God doing amazing things in your life. Be sure to apply these tips as you begin raising money for your lecture phase as well as outreach phase.


Written by Autumn Phillips