6 Reasons to Get Stoked for Your DTS Outreach

6 Reasons to Get Stoked for Your DTS Outreach

After three months of lecture phase, where you are learning about God’s character and deepening in relationship with him, you take the plunge of going abroad for two and a half months of outreach! This is a phase where you will get to apply all that you learned, serve others, and watch lives be transformed in another culture.

So here are some of our favorite parts of outreach!

Long travel days

Just getting to your outreach location can be an adventure, you can go from plane to metro to taxi in one day! It is a great way to begin bonding and getting to know each other as an outreach team in the first 24 hours together. Travel days are amazing times to experience different forms of transportation; navigating the metro system in Greece, hailing down a tuk tuk in Thailand or winding through the streets in the back of a truck bed in Cambodia!

Learning to be flexible and spontaneous

On outreach the schedule changes… often! It’s a great time to learn to be flexible with your time, energy, expectations, and choose joy in it all! You are given the opportunity to preach on the spot, go to evening events following a full day of ministry, and experience God opening new doors each day. Always be ready to try something new and fun to make it your personal DTS outreach.

Build lifelong friendships

Deep bonds form with your leaders, teammates, and those you are serving. As experiencing new situations together, a special depth and unity forms amongst you as a team. You are the only ones that will be able to understand what you have seen and heard. These individuals will forever remain in your heart!

Get God’s heart and passion for those you come in contact with

On outreach, you are able to experience new cultures and gain a fresh appreciation for the diversity of this world. You are able to travel and partner with God while doing so. For many students this is the first time going abroad while doing missions! The lives you’re reaching out to are being transformed and your life is as well. The lessons learned, lifestyles witnessed, and cultures experienced are things that will impact your thinking and living in powerful ways.

Share the gospel with anyone and everyone!

On outreach, you get to practice and walk out sharing the gospel with every individual and group you come across. It’s a time where you get to take a leap of faith and be bold in sharing who God is. There are awkward, goofy, fun, and awesome God moments! You are able to begin forming habits of how you want life to look following outreach.