A Life Refined By Risk

This generation is different from any that have come before. It is marked by dreaming, creativity, and the boldness to do things no one else would ever dare trying. We are stubborn and stick to what we believe is right and true (even if we are wrong). There are beautiful qualities in the young people that I coexist with, however there is something very crucial that I see to be lacking (myself included) in this generation; and that is risk.

Risk is something not to be feared but rather pursued. Often when we hear that word, we turn and run for the hills; burying our desires away in a protected case covered by simple acts of “playing it safe”. However, in life with God, He has gifted us with insurmountable amounts of grace, allowing us to fail and try again. Risk is a Godly trait that can be grown through a life of courageous trust in the power possessed by God to do the impossible. So if this is something that God calls us to live out then why does it feel so unnatural to do so? You have to remember that the world you live in is at war and the battle is over you. Every moment of everyday the enemy is trying to ruin our lives and rob us of the freedom God has for us (John 10:10). Any time you choose to step out in risk and trust the unseen, you can usually count on those pesky voices filled with fear telling you to turn back and stay where it’s comfortable. Fear can hinder you from taking the necessary risks that will bring you on an incredible journey with the creator of the universe. How you respond to fear will greatly effect your life and what the journey will look like. I read a quote once that said “courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to continue in spite of fear”. We often think that when fear comes it just means that we are not courageous people; but it is just the opposite. You cannot risk without courage and courage is tested and strengthened in the midst of fear. Often enough, the journey of risk towards your purpose, is what creates in you the capacity to live it out. It is a beautiful thing to put your trust in God and live out the dreams He has for your life because they are remarkable. To live a life beyond the worlds standards of good enough or even great. Risk is something that marks your life in such a way that it brings courage and passion to those that hear your story.

 Have you ever seen a person whose life has been marked and refined by risk? They are a unique, beautiful, and grace filled kind of person. There is a deeper sense of freedom in the souls of those who have tried and failed but chose to rise again. They are the ones who are not tied down by the impossible but rather those in society who let their imaginations fly. The treasure you gain from a life of risk is a beautiful thing that can not be purchased or even earned, for it must be grown. And through the growth we learn to walk in the peaceful freedom of knowing that we are fully and completely loved beyond our accomplishments. To risk is to learn in greater depths, what the incredible grace of God is like. So what is a risk you are afraid to take? Will you be held back or will you choose to risk it all on the one who risked it all for you?