global partners

God has called us to go unto all the nations and make disciples. Not only are we passionate about seeing Los Angeles reached, but we also have a heart to see the world transformed by God’s love. YWAM Los Angeles is partnered with missionaries worldwide in locations such as India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Kenya. Our ministry partners are supported through prayer, personal visits, and sending students to serve their needs. We are excited to see how God will continue drawing the nations closer to His heart in the future.


Coff58 is a social enterprise. It was started after our founder had been working within the juvenile detention centers in Northern Thailand. After years of working with young people,
he discovered that many of them had families connected to coffee farms. For many reasons, the young people were not engaged in the family work of farming.

Coff58 was started to help get the young people reconnected with their families and their villages.
We work directly with them, helping them on the path to living new lives.

In addition to partnering with coffee farming families as their young people come out of detention,
We also provide job training and personal development in a family oriented halfway house program.

Countless young people have had chance at a new life as a result of the efforts of the Coff58 family.

“Your purchase helps support the continuation of this life and community transforming project.”

Life Subic

Our primary work is to see the local, poor communities
impacted through spiritual, livelihood training, educational and health
programs. Our goal is to identify, empower, and strengthen community
members to know God and help themselves and others in practical ways. As
we work together, we see lives radically changed and communities
transformed by the love of Christ.
We have also recognized the need for Pastoral & Missionary Care. We
provide care, hospitality and counseling to local pastors, Filipino and
cross cultural missionaries.

Dare to dream

My name is Bob de Groot, I have been with YWAM LA since September 2009. I did my DTS there, my SOMD, staffed a DTS, and now I host DTS teams in Kenya.
Right now we have a program called Dare To Dream. We are located in Kenya and our program runs Business Management Trainings and finances and sets up Financial Service Groups. Our staff help train the groups and mentor the members on a weekly basis to help them grow their business and become more financially sustainable. Our teachings are very practical, but all that we teach we link back to what scripture says. Currently we operate in 10 regions throughout Kenya and have served over 750 businesses.
The motivation behind this is to help bring a change to orphan care, and really prevent children from becoming orphan. We believe that children belong in a family and not an institution. This was the original plan. In the book of Genesis it didn’t say; In the beginning God created Adam and Eve and placed in an institution that was going to take care of them, and He said it is well! No, Adam and Eve were the first family, family is the plan. So we try to help families come back to or strengthen that plan.
When a family has gone through our program and joined one of our financial service groups they are now able to afford schooling for their children, healthcare when needed, and if needed help to relieve the burden of their family members or people from the community.