Mission Adventures

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! We’re Tommy and Vanessa Lien, the leaders of Mission Adventures at YWAM LA. Here you will read just a short version of what this years Mission Adventures program looked like. Mission Adventures is a summer camp geared for youth groups to come and receive training in evangelism and missions work. This past summer, we had the privilege of re- pioneering this amazing youth ministry. I wish we could take the credit for all the amazing things that took place, but I don’t think that would be entirely truthful. First and foremost we want to give credit to the Lord for making all this possible. Without him there would be nothing to be blogging about! We would however love to take a moment to celebrate the couple that plowed before us, that gave so sacrificially of their time, lives and love for Mission Adventures to happen in LA. It is because of them that we were able to have the courage to re-pioneer this incredible ministry. A big shout out to Marty and Kelly Meyers!! You guys rock!

We were privileged to see over 120 young people experience God in radical, life changing ways this summer. We saw them transform into bold, powerful individuals as they stepped out in faith praying for, loving and reaching the lost.

Teams enjoying some creative competition at YWAM LA


First, the youth groups show up at our campus to get inspired through the word of God and get ready to step out into the mission that God has for them. This generation of young people is not satisfied with simply being part of a lecture. They want to experience God in a real way, so we spend a lot of our time in worship and pressing into God. We do this to see His very presence come and change the hearts and lives of the students. To see their hearts becoming the very heart of God for a hurting world. Each year, leaders and staff from different YWAM bases come together for a week to pray and hear from God what the theme for Mission Adventures should be. This years theme was “Exhale, Inhale: Back to Life”. The speakers that we have come to teach God’s word while focusing their teaching on this theme. We also have a lot of fun during the time of training at our YWAM campus. We play games, get wet and also do hands on activities that facilitate growth in our relationship with God.

Students helping run a VBS at Fred Jordan Mission in Skid Row


Our outreach focus this year was to Skid Row in downtown LA. There are over 2,500 homeless people in Skid Row (a .4 square mile area) and tents line the sidewalks where people live. We partnered with Fred Jordan Mission serving in their VBS, serving food, and preaching the gospel. Venice Beach was another location we chose for outreach because of all the hurting, colorful people that frequent the streets there. We saw amazing, miraculous things happen this summer in the students lives. Healings, deliverances, salvations and hearts forever ruined for the ordinary! We are so excited for what God has in store this coming year. We know it will definitely be a Mission Adventure!

Students and leaders praying for people on Skid Row

Something we learned this summer as leaders was that it takes a lot of work to put this all together, but in the end it is so worth it! You see young peoples lives change forever. All they really need is to catch a passion for Jesus and it’s all over!! This generation of young people is truly a generation that is willing to turn from their ways and follow God whole heartedly. It’s a 180 Generation! Meaning; when they see how much God cares and they get to experience God’s love for them and the power of the Holy Spirit, they turn from their own ways and want to follow the heart of God which is crying out to a hurting and lost world.

Written by Tommy & Vanessa