Last Saturday marked the end of our week long photography seminar here at YWAM Los Angeles. Luis Maximiano, a talented and well known photojournalist from Brazil taught everything from the technical use of your camera & shooting techniques, to photography history, to practical advise on how to start a business. The students had class with him in the morning, and then went out to shoot every afternoon. From the Arts District to Santa Monica, they had a great time exploring Los Angeles with their cameras. They were also given an assignment where they were paired with a staff member here and asked to document in a very photojournalistic and storytelling format what an average “Day in the Life” looked like for that particular person. The students had a great time, we had a great time, and if you scroll through to the bottom you can see some exciting news about the future.

Here are some of the shots the students captured throughout the week:

Madi Robson

“It was absolutely AMAZING. So I was one of the people that got to learn from the Brazilian legend Luiz Maximiano all week long. (look up his stuff, honestly brilliant) He was bomb. We had to keep reminding ourselves that he is a big deal because he became a good friend. He taught me so many things I never even thought about. I grew so close to the group of people I got to spend everyday with. God gave me friends that will last a lifetime in just 7 days. It was quite sad to leave them. I can’t wait to see where this helps take my photographs. This passion of mine is on fire like never before!” -Madi Robson

Lexi Yoder

“The week was amazing. The best week of my life, I don’t want to leave! I came with questions, and I am definitely leaving so much more confident and it’s so much more fun to me now because I know what I’m doing. everyone on staff was amazing. Every single person that I met was so sweet. It was just a great experience, felt like family right away.” -Lexi Yoder