My name is Reemon and I’m from the sunny island of Barbados, in the Caribbean. I volunteer here at YWAM LA in the accounts department, coffee shop, the music department, and pretty much wherever they need me to slot in. It’s crazy to think about being here and the privilege of getting to serve so many lives, whether students or fellow staff. I’ve studied accounting and economics up to my Bachelor’s degree and I made a promise to myself to never work in accounts, because it’s something I’m really not passionate about. But God is so funny, because here I am working in the accounts department in the receivables section.

Living in community with so many people from all over the world is very humbling, challenging, motivating and so fun. And as you can tell, there’s a mixture of emotions. If you have never lived in a close community before, just imagine your family times 100 and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what we experience here at YWAM LA- one huge family.Coming from such a small Island, adjusting to LA and America in general, is an ongoing mystery I get to unravel each day during this chapter of my life. I’ve been serving here for about 2 years and it’s been absolutely amazing blending with people who are culturally, racially and physically different than I am or been accustom to my whole life. I find that so extremely incredible that a set of diverse people can unite to accomplish one main purpose and that is to train disciples to disciple nations and see God glorified; it really challenges your worldview.

I’m a firm believer of using our passions and gifts, whatever they may be to glorify God and serve others. And with that said, it’s only fair I share some of my passions. I’m passionate about a lot of things but my main focus is music. My brother and I serve here at the base part-time, with our main ministry being our music. We’re an urban/pop duo called “A Few Good Men (A.F.G.M) and it’s an absolute privilege to get to do what we do and see people impacted by it.

If I was to leave you with something, it would be to encourage you to spend time learning yourself and the gifts you were given, then think about how you can use them to serve others and ultimately Glorify Jesus.