School of Design

February 13, 2020

The School Of Design is a second level training offered by the College of Communications at the University of Nations.

School of Design wants to enable students to recognize and implement relevant design projects created with beauty and excellence, based on and inspired by the character of the Creator who designs. Design is as beautiful as it is practical. Our goal in the School of Design is to learn how to communicate and create in ways that people find useful, inspiring, and practical.

This 11 weeks school can cater to the beginner as well as the experienced designers. It will challenge and surprise you, regardless of your technical knowledge. During this school, you will be surprised at how well you can create and design. During the course you will be able to practice hands on by creating websites, photos, videos and covers of CDs and DVDs. Our prerequisite for this school is for students to be creative and accept the challenge of pioneering this initiative in our nation. We are sure it will be a unique opportunity and that each week you will produce projects and build a portfolio of work that you can be proud of.