We are passionate about seeing human trafficking end in our generation.

Justice 180 is a non-profit organization that exists to prevent sexual exploitation, reach out to victims of human trafficking and ultimately see an end to sexual slavery. We are a group of people taking action and standing against sexual exploitation by using our gifts, passions, creativity, and strategy to see a 180 degree change in society and the lives of those this issue affects. We have seen the faces behind the statistics and have dedicated our lives to not only taking a stand against human trafficking, but also calling out and training others to do the same.

We are a faith based non-profit ministry whose mission is to see victims of sexual exploitation reached, rescued, and restored by offering support in whatever way we can. We believe that each man, woman, and child that has fallen victim to sexual exploitation can walk in freedom and live happy, healthy, and redeemed lives. Through our Justice 180 ministry and our Justice Discipleship Training Schools (JDTS), we are dedicated to creating a movement of God’s people to stand against the issue of human trafficking. To train and launch out passionate people equipped with a solid foundation, education and inspiration needed for them to take action and use their passions, gifts, and talents. We are committed to finding innovative and sustainable solutions to the issue of human trafficking and recovery of its survivors.

11141 Osborne St.
Sylmar, CA 91342

website: www.justice180.org



We are a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, taking a stand against slavery in the 21st century. Justice 180’s ministry is comprised of four separate elements: awareness and advocacy, outreach, recovery, and training. Through our holistic approach to anti-trafficking ministry, we aim to support survivors of trafficking in their transition into society. These four elements are linked together by the deep-seeded conviction that each man, woman, and child matters.