School of Leadership Development


What is the School of Leadership Development?

SOLD is a new leadership school geared specifically towards training up this next generation of leaders. It will incorporate lectures from experienced speakers, home groups with key leaders, in-depth book studies, and hands-on projects to fulfill. SOLD will include Focus Tracks in which you can develop personal skillsets in a specific area, such as Worship, Communications, Preaching/Teaching and Administration. SOLD will also offer strategic internships as the optional outreach upon completion of the course.




$3550 USD
$35 application fee

SOLD is a secondary leadership school in which we will intertwine theory closely with practical application. SOLD will focus on you as a leader; developing you in character, skills and experience. Whether staffing a DTS, leading a ministry, serving a church or working in another sphere, we are all called to be leaders. As believers, we are to lead this generation and those that come after us to Jesus. We are to transform our neighborhoods and see the Kingdom infiltrate every area of life. We want to have purpose, see change and make a difference… but we have to start with ourselves. Before leading anyone or anything else, we must first learn to lead ourselves. We want to take responsibility for our relationships with Jesus, our development and healing, and our roles in the Great Commission. We want to see a generation raised up who live in integrity, give of themselves and their possessions with generosity, and who do each thing they put their hands to with excellence. We want to see young people launched out well-equipped to do the things God has placed in their hearts. And above all else, we want to see ministry and leadership be things that draw each of us closer to Jesus; that our doing wouldn’t replace our being, but would instead strengthen it.

Glean from Key Leaders

Join us in our homes for deep discussions about the books we read together in the home of one of our leaders. Be discipled and challenged by a community of people living out their passion for God and the Kingdom in one of the most influential cities in the world.

Develop a Focus Area

Do you have a passion for Worship? Would you like to learn more about using photography, video, social media and other Communication platforms for the Kingdom? Do you want to develop your gift of Preaching or Teaching? Do you want to sharpen your gift of Administration to devise and execute plans effectively and to accomplish the goals God sets before you? Spend time developing the passions God’s placed inside of you!

Grow in Character & Integrity

We are firm believers in “Character over giftings.” Giftings, anointing and charisma get you to the top, but it’s character, integrity and intimacy with God that will keep you there. God has called us to influence others, to disciple the nations and to lead this and future generations. In order to do that well, and to last for the long-haul of leadership, we need to be deeply rooted, strong in character, confident in our identities and committed to integrity.

Optional Outreach

We are offering strategic internship placements for those interested in the optional outreach. We will take your giftings, abilities, and dreams as well as the needs and opportunities our ministry partners have and personally craft an outreach that serves our contacts while giving you priceless experience shadowing people on the ground, living out their calling.

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Tuition is required to be paid in full on or before arrival day of the school.

Discipleship Training School (DSP 211, 212)

University of the Nations Credits: These credits may be applied to a UofN degree program or transferred to other participating colleges or universities. Learn more about UofN accreditation.

SOLD is a 3 month course followed by an optional outreach.

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