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What is the School of Transformational Business?

This 7 week seminar dives into the biblical foundation of “Business As Missions” (BAM), and trains participants in the basics of starting a business, as well as demonstrating how business can be used in bringing the Gospel to restricted nations, empowering the poor and needy, leading to transformation of communities and nations. Some of the topics covered include understanding the concepts and history of missions in general and BAM in particular, entrepreneurship, creating vision and mission statements, developing a business plan, marketing, innovation, sales and distribution, risk-taking in faith, and discipleship and leadership in business.

Topics Covered

– Biblical foundation of Business

– Examples of Business as Mission

– Innovation and creating with God

– Marketing

– How to develop a business plan

– Brand Management

– Marketing

– Pricing and How to make a budget

– Integrating Business & Mission

– Operational plan and legalities

– Business Law

– Kingdom Leadership In Business

Why Los Angeles?

With 18 million people, from 140 countries, Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. As the world’s 16th largest economy, L.A. is home for more than 300,000 small entrepreneurial businesses, and its vibrant tech scene has produced several noteworthy success stories. Its reputation as a creative city in media and entertainment is unparalleled. Plus California is where the term “startup” practically started. During your school, you will be able to visit a couple of businesses located in the L.A. area and be inspired from their stories.

SOTB will have a great impact in your life

“During this school, I made so many connections with many of the speakers. I feel like it was God’s way of putting people in my path because so many are from the business world, who know what they’re doing and have many connections globally! It was awesome to know they were always there to talk to, and answer any questions I had! I’m so excited to see how God is going to use this school for me to open up my own business!”

Sarah Davis

“I have never had a passion for business before- I haven’t even taken a business class! But now I am SUPER passionate about it & seeing how powerful business can be. It’s been so fun learning from different entrepreneurs from all over the world. I want to empower women who have been sexually exploited by providing them with employment. Not only can you empower people through providing them with jobs, but you can also disciple them! I’m excited to take what I have learned and one day have my own business.”

Katie Fuhs

“One of the things that I really felt God was putting on my heart, and allowing me to see, is that THROUGH business, we can reach the unreached! Like for example, the 10/40 window. Yes, we get the word of the lord, but we have to plan! And then LEAVE it to God. And at the end of the day follow what God says! This school has blessed me so much, and I am really excited to learn through business- which is what God has put in my heart to take to the nations!”

Lizbeth Espinoza


Lis Cochrane is the CEO of Ace International & Founder of Business With A Mission. She leads an International team and mentors business entrepreneurs around the globe. Lis was born and raised in the USA, but spends most of her time in India and Nepal. She also travels around the world and inspires multitudes. Lis is a visionary leader. She likes traveling, teaching, and inspiring others.

Tony Ademo is part of YWAM Los Angeles, along with his wife Mariana and his son Benjamin. Tony Ademo is also journalist, consultant, Coach, and speaker certified by the John Maxwell Team. He was the National Champion of Public Speaking in Brazil and the second best in public speaking in the Americas by JCI. He helped start 5 businesses in Brazil, was a mentor in startup weekends, and is the author of the book “The Life That Matters,” released in Portuguese.


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