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Length of Time

We believe in building people as well as building programs. Therefore, we strongly encourage at least a 2-year minimum commitment. Not only does this enable us to invest into your life, it enables you to make a fruitful and lasting contribution to the ministry of YWAM Los Angeles.

Financial Support

All YWAM staff are responsible to raise personal support. We expect all applying staff to raise $500 per month for singles and $1000 per month for families.
The 2-year commitment allows you to process your personal support through our accounting office, and ensures that your supporters will receive a tax deduction for their gift to your ministry.

Housing and Staff Fees

Dorm style housing is provided for singles (shared rooms and bath). Apartment style housing is provided for families (bath and kitchen). Monthly staff fees are required for all staff members and their families. These cover room, board, and other benefits to the community. Please contact us for more information regarding housing availability and staff fees.

Intake and Arrival

All incoming staff are required to come during one of our intake months: June, August, November, or February. By regulating arrival dates of our staff, it allows us to ensure that all that come on staff receive a great introduction to the workings of YWAM LA. Even if you are providing your own housing off base, you are still required to enter into YWAM LA community during a scheduled Intake Week.

“YWAM LA is a hub for creative people with vision. I love it!” -Reemon Butcher
“My time in YWAM LA, both as student and later as staff, changed my life and I will always be very grateful for that. Top place, top people, great community!” -Viktor Lonegren
“I love that I get to be a part of this incredible organization, and I’m honored to be living in the community that I do! I LOVE YWAM LA!” -Leesette Medina
“Being a part of YWAM LA changed my life, it grew me, it challenged me, it inspired me. I was able to seek God’s kingdom alongside a community of heaven-minded individuals. All of us striving to understand the great calling over our lives together. I wouldn’t trade my years here for anything. I am thankful for this place, and the beautiful souls that inhabit it.” -Sarah Grunder