Truly Knowing God

Truly Knowing God

Monday begins, we groan but we continue on with our usual routine; each day similar to the next. By weeks end we are exhausted but we go over our mental checklist of required responsibilities. Work, exercise, tv, family time, personal time, feed the animals, fix the yard, social life, and quite often at the very end of that list comes God. Church on Sunday meets the religious quota for far too many people. We sing a few songs, listen to a message, and then make your request to the all powerful God way up in the sky. However if our relationship with God never goes beyond a mere acquaintance that is maintained through weekly check ups, then we are missing the whole point.

God is a Father who created a place for us to exist amidst His immeasurable love for eternity. However even in this perfection God gave us one option to choose out. Since it is not real love if there is no choice. In a moment of doubting God’s character the first humans made a decision that has affected the rest of mankind to this day. Since that moment God has been on an epic journey to redeem this story and bring His children home. For this, God sacrificed something more precious than anything on this earth; His only son. He gave His son to live on earth in perfection and to die a horrific death; all for a people who hated Him. He did this because the love He has for us is an unimaginable, wild, perfect and He refuses to be separate from us. In this journey of life He pursues our redemption till the day we die but whether we choose into His story is up to us.

Now does this sound like the God that you know? Do you know God as one who loves you more than you could ever possibly love Him? Do you know the creator of the universe who wants to dream with you to construct an epic, adventure filled life? Do you know the Father whose reckless love heals wounds, redeems all situations, and restores you to your original designed? Or is your God  distant, angry, or apathetic? If you do not know the God I know (the one described above), then I invite you into something new! God is more than a vending machine in the sky who is often angry with you. He is a loving father who wants to have a real relationship that shows His glory to the world through your redeemed life. But God being as He is, will never force His way in. Rather He waits to be wanted and He will wait to be invited. In the waiting He calls to the deepest parts of our hearts, beckoning to our truest selves to come out and away from the burden of this world. The best part is choosing God costs you nothing but to be separated from Him will costs you everything. For living apart from perfection will never result in true peace, freedom, or love. You see God may get you through the door of salvation but His ultimate goal was never to just leave you in the doorway. You can look like a good Christian but God doesn’t want mere images of people, He wants His children. This world has built wounds, insecurities, and heartache upon your life; if you let Him in, God will begin to transform anything and everything that wasn’t in your original design. So the question now being, not can He do it but rather will you let Him?

God is the most constant, good, and trustworthy being in existence. Who He is, is the definition of Love! However no matter how good or trustworthy someone is, you still need to experience it for yourself. Trust is built and grown amidst the experience of one’s never changing faithfulness in the presence of adversity. Who God is and all He offers is an invitation to everyone; all you have to do is choose in! By doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School) you can go beyond the bare minimum, to truly build a relationship with God and enter a season of accelerated growth. The amount God will do in your life if you give His just 5 months is astounding. He is ready and waiting for your yes… will you give it to Him?


Written by Autumn Phillips