What We Stand For

What We Stand For

To know God and to make Him known. This is Youth With A Mission’s mission statement. It is what fuels everything that we do as an organization and as individuals within it. It breaks down two very simple steps, but neither step we take lightly. During our DTS (Discipleship Training School), we have two phases the Lecture Phase and Outreach Phase. While we are a missions organization we cannot just fly across the world to speak of a God we do not truly know. Following this structure we allow ourselves to build a relationship with God, and help others come to have the same.

When we say “knowing God” we refer to another two part process. Understanding who He is with solid theology and an understanding of the bible. As well as experiencing Him, His love and mercy. Knowing God personally is exactly why we were created and God is constantly pursuing an intimate and meaningful relationship with us.

During the Lecture Phase of DTS, each week you are learning and experiencing something new about God. With Topics such as “The Father Heart Of God” and “Holy Spirit”, we grow in our relationship as we discover new things of who God truly is. There are so many different characteristics that God has and we could never grow tired of learning more about who he is. Even if we are familiar with the concepts of each week, God always reveals a new aspect of his character to each student.

Our faith should not be stagnant, it should always be growing and developing. This means we need to put effort into the relationship. Treating this like any other relationship we cannot just show up to church for an hour and expect that to be enough for a healthy and growing relationship. Being passive is not an option, our intention is our level of commitment. Let’s continue to seek him and He will continue to show himself to us.

The second part may appear daunting, a task saved for others because it just “isn’t my thing”. But God has called each one of His followers to share what they have experienced. If we have experienced God, then we will have no choice but to share. If we have truly felt God’s love, we will gain the desire to share it with everyone so that they too can have the relationship we were all created for.

Christians today seem to have a difficult time with this, making excuses or just avoiding it. But sharing our faith does not need to be yelling and waving signs or going door to door handing out bibles. It can be values we uphold in the workplace, inviting a friend to church, or how we use our resources (Time, money, energy, etc.). Sharing our faith does not need to be weird, but we need to make sure we are intentionally expressing our faith daily.

The Outreach Phase of our DTS is designed so we can entirely focus on making God known. Traveling to foreign countries, where the Gospel may not be shared, and partnering with local ministries to express God’s love to those who desperately need to hear it. You learn to fearlessly speak out your faith, and share what God has done in your life and more importantly who He is.

DTS is filled with opportunities to challenge you to share the gospel, even if it’s not in a way you ever thought you would. You can be doing a funny skit for children one day and the next be building a house for those who have lost theirs. You do not need to be qualified, only willing and God will use you. Whatever you are doing on outreach you will be able to share everything that God has done in your life.

These two idea are not independent of each other, in fact they fuel one another. When we grow our faith we want to share it, and when we share it our faith grows. The point is to start. Join our vision, see yourself grow and the world changed. Our DTS is a great place to start to understand how these steps fuel our lives.


Written by Alex Barber